“Cranes” written by Hwang Sun-Won is a short story that is set during the Korean War in a village that is just north of the 38th parallel. The main character in this story was the vice chairman of the farmers communist league, his name was Tokchae. Tokchae was forcefully taken from his own home and is […]

“Water for Elephants” directed by  Francis Lawrence this film is set in the time of the 1930s a former veterinary student decides that he wants to take a job that he is offered by a man name Augus. he takes this job while he is travelling with the circus and falls in love with the […]

“Schindler’s arc” is a book that relates to the Holocaust this book could relate to the book “the boy in striped pyjamas” because they were both set around the same time of the world war and the Holocaust. the film is about a man named Oskar Schindler who was a German businessman that saved many […]

“Hard rock returns to prison from the hospital for the criminally insane” is a poem written by Etheridge Knight. Hard Rock is a strong-minded and rebellious African- American prisoner that was in prison for a very long time he had the kind of attitude that came across as a ‘ take no shit from anybody’ […]

I intend to write a piece of creative writing to write a scene to describe the scene of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico using language features such as onomatopoeia, smilies, metaphors  alliteration, personification, hypebole, etc i intend to describe the 5 senses of the human to make a show not tell piece of writing so that […]

I hate it when phone charger won’t reach my bed, I hate when my leather seats aren’t heated, when I go to the bathroom and I forget my phone, when I leave my clothes in the washer so long they start to smell, I hate it when my house is so big that I need […]

The Intouchables directed by Oliver NaKache and Eric Toledano The movie The Intouchables is about a Parisian aristocrat that is quadriplegic since paragliding accident, he hires a young man to live with him to be his caretaker. The two men are very different although they become very close friends and develop a strong bond. The […]

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas written by John Boyne The book “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” is situated during the second world war when all the Jews were sent to concentration camps because of Hitler. this is the story of a 9-year-old German boy called Bruno that who is by himself when separated from his […]

I intend to write a literacy essay on the kite runner,  discussing the topic how the author uses language techniques to develop a main character in the novel, and how this character helps you understand one or more themes/ideas.Techniques could include figures of speech, syntax, word-choice (Islamic and Farsi words), style, symbolism, structure, foreshadowing, or narrative point-of-view. the […]

Explain the importance of the setting and its influence on how the narrator tells his story. The setting of Kabul, Afghanistan is hugely socially, politically and culturally important in the novel The Kite Runner. The story is told from the point of view of Amir, retelling the years he was growing up in Kabul and […]