27th July 2018

Creative writing

I intend to write a piece of creative writing to write a scene to describe the scene of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico using language features such as onomatopoeia, smilies, metaphors  alliteration, personification, hypebole, etc i intend to describe the 5 senses of the human to make a show not tell piece of writing so that the reader gets a feeling of the location where it is located.


Summer, Warm sun slowly slinks behind the picturesque stone arc existing above the waves. Colours perch on the horizon, reflecting off the water completing the tangerine and fuchsia hue, faces aglow with the final rays, they escape the border sending stars up to fill the sky like blinking fairy lights awaiting the black curtain that is yet to arrive.

Listen. The sea is humming in its own soothing symphony, waves gently creep over the shore; saturated the glittering gold sand. Stillness peace is broken by the agonising cries of seagulls mixed with deadening jabber of drained children; their footsteps silenced by the soft sand. Hushed yachts anchored lavishly on the water await their next adventure.

Smell. Brine and seaweed, a new ocean air freshener. Pungent wafts of dry seaweed mingle with the sweet scent of hot summer days. Distinctive smell of Tacos al pastor, spicy marinated meat neutralised by sweet pineapple tingling tastebuds drifting up nostrils a sweet and sour smell. The marina is alive with smells of Mexican classics- wood-fired pizza, short ribs and lobster delighting the senses.

Look. Black curtain fills the sky, holidaymakers descend into the swamped township. The inner city is awakened by blue, red, orange and green lights hanging on string stretching from roof to roof, Illuminating painted walls of each building; a hanging canvas smeared in different coloured paints. Overgrown palm trees are giants overlooking the conscious town, dominating figures stalk overtop, radiating triangular like shadows casting down. Competitive restaurants and aged houses line all streets; Warm breeze whistles through gaping windows, the long embroidered curtains drape over cracked tiles. Door hinges slanting leaving the frames weak and more defeated than ever. Newly thatched roofs and faded bricks stick out like jagged teeth, capturing sand particles carried hand in hand by the stale wind.  

Exhausted feet drag along sidewalks in time with harmonious melodies sweeping through the town, filling every crevice with Mariachi tunes. A hum of global tourist families babbling on the sidewalk cafes.

Gritty neighbourhoods carved out of a desert scrubland stretch from the coastal strip, concentrated by fancy hotels, pristine golf courses, and nightclubs. Hoards of begging Cabo children followed closely by their handlers being seen wandering through the underclass regions, imploring you for a favour only to pass on their dosh. Watery eyes peering up; a breeding ground for worse things. Roving packs of dogs roaming the streets sidestepping a baby tiger sitting listlessly in its captive state awaiting her new owner.

Artisan stores and mediocre shops both decorated with Calavera are represented in abundance- a weird celebration of the dead; vivid colours lining the streets, hats, feathers, clay skills in all formats.

Lights twinkle from a resort perched far in the distance. On the cliffs of the Baja peninsula with a view of the sea of Cortez and famous El, Arco rock formation blends the rustic charm with the elegance of contemporary Mexico. Town sleeps, lingering for the next dawn.







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