The Intouchables directed by Oliver NaKache and Eric Toledano

The movie The Intouchables is about a Parisian aristocrat that is quadriplegic since paragliding accident, he hires a young man to live with him to be his caretaker. The two men are very different although they become very close friends and develop a strong bond.

The themes that are addressed in this film are friendship and respect. the two characters that are in the film are completely different. however, we see the strong bond that develops as the film goes on and they turn out to have a very strong friendship. for example in the film Philippe is the quadriplegic actor, he struggles to be able to do anything and is either in his wheelchair or bed. another theme that was addressed in this book is risk-taking, the film shows what good things can come out of risk-taking. We saw this in the film when Driss had an interview for the job and he walked in without taking a seat went to Phillipe and asked him to sign the paper he had that proved he went for a job three times but was unable to get it which then caused him to need government benefits. phillipe decided to give Driss a chance to prove to himself that he could be a good worker that he thought could teach him a lesson, Phillipe ended up hiring Driss for the job and this meant that Driss took a leap of faith because he had no experience with looking after a person that couldn’t walk and do anything with himself, Driss soon realised that he had gotten himself into a scary job because of the large fancy lifestyle that came with the job and he wasn’t used to this. although by taking this job and it being a risk because he wouldn’t know what he would have gotten himself into in the end both of the two men ended up becoming best friends proving their risk-taking was worth it.

This movie connects with the rest of the world in a social way because making assumptions and judging someone by your first opinion and looks, even though Driss went into his interview acting useless, Philippe did end up seeing the good things in Driss. Driss eventually turned out to be the best caregivers that Phillipe had ever had. Luckily, Philippe was able to see past Driss’ appearance and saw the great friend he could be. Driss was able to see Philippe for the person he was this was because  Philippe was able to see past Driss’ looks and realised what a best friend he could be. All of the other People that applied for the job assumed and thought Philippe as a charity case for them, although the way that Driss saw Phillipe was just a man who needed to have a close friend with him. so this connects with the rest of the world in a social and possibly cultural aspect because people should not judge people by there appearance and their culture this was shown because Driss came across as a person that would not afford much and that possibly wouldn’t be capable of doing all that work for Phillip although in the end this proved the readers wrong or anyone that thought this because actually even though Driss was used to living out in the government housing complex that was old and poor he still could do all the work and became the right person that Phillipe needed.

this teaches us about the haves and have-nots in another country about how Driss lives out in the suburbs government housing complex where lots of unemployed people live and then Phillipe lives in. this film shows us that we need to gain respect and care for people in other countries and people that can’t do things for themselves like Phillipe.

I would recommend this movie to senior students and people that are older than this because it was a harder movie to understand.

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