“Schindler’s arc” is a book that relates to the Holocaust this book could relate to the book “the boy in striped pyjamas” because they were both set around the same time of the world war and the Holocaust. the film is about a man named Oskar Schindler who was a German businessman that saved many many lives over at least a thousand refugees from the holocaust that mainly consisted of polish- Jewish ones, Schindler then employed these people into his own factories during the time of the world war one which saved their lives.

A major theme that is noticed in the Schindlers arc that is seen is firstly the theme of “The power of one”. this theme is seen in the film is Schindler’s arc and the effort that he made to save many many Jews during the time of the Holocaust.  The most obvious example of this theme is Schindler’s arc and his effort to save over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust. The ring that is presented to him states this theme, the power of one is also noticed at the end of the book when the survivors of the war and holocaust put stones on the Schindlers grave, this shows us the last action that the Schindler those people’s lives. Stern has an invaluable effect on Schindler.

This book connects with the rest of the world in a historical way this is because, during this time in Poland, the Jewish people could not earn their own wage to keep them running, therefore, this meant that they were considered as cheap labour for other people. we notice in the book that Schindler ended up wanting to save the lives of these people, therefore, he gave up all of what he had (his fortune) just to help the lives of these Jewish people. We knew that the only thing that he regretted of doing this was that he did not save enough people. This Story is so powerful that it is connected with the world in a historical way because it was an accurate example of how the people in the Holocaust were treated and how the polish jews were treated and at the time of this and how others saw them a rank below themselves because they weren’t as good as them so that got treated very poorly, its so powerful because of the Schindler saving over a thousand lives 

This basically just teaches us about the world that we live into today that people do not get treated equally and that the power of one person can help or even save many many peoples lives this relates to the book “The boy in striped pyjamas” because that book also shows us that schmuel being a jew did not get treated well either seeing as he was in the time of the Holocaust and the nazi germans did not treat them fairly. Because this book and “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” book are relatively similar in the things that they teach me about the world today this goes to show that overall I believe people should all be treated the same rather than some people being overpowered by another group of people or even individually.

I would recommend this text to any teenager or adult it this is because the structure of the book may be too hard for younger people to understand and know what its all about during the Holocaust or I would also suggest that anyone that has an interest in world war history then this would be a strong book to read for them.

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