8th June 2018


the poverty in south sudan what is is doing to people and the effects on people

i hate it when phone charger wont reach my bed, i hate when my leather seats arent heated, when i go to the bathroom and i forget my phone, when i leave my clothes in the washer so long they start to smell, i hate it when my house is so big that i need two wireless routers, when my mint gum makes my iced water taste to cold, when i have to write my maid a check but i forget her last name, when i cant walk and text at the same time, when i leave my charger downstairs, I hate it when my neighbours block there wifi…( play this on the video)

does this make you feel guilty? these are first world problems for us but not for these children and families living is Africa. so today i am going to talk to you about the poverty that is happening right now in this country. In New Zealand us kiwis waste around $1.8 billion of food per year, these foods are either going to the landfill or getting burned, we then contrast this with the fact that the people in Africa are struggling to survive with no food at all. if food waste were a country then it would 3rd in greenhouse gas emissions. do you realise that more then a million children die a year and every 7 seven years or so 20 million children die in Africa because there is not enough food for then to eat and are dying because of the starvation.

Sana barry a villager in WaleWale Ghana says “we tell the children that we are cooking dinner, but we are actually just boiling leaves. eventually they fall asleep with an empty stomach. we have to lie to them to keep our reserves going, adults eat one meal a day, for children it is sometimes crushed beans and if their lucky they might get two meals”.


how can we help this

one of the ways we can help this is by participating in the 40 hour famine to help us to raise money for the




how we can solve it

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